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Direct Sharing
Local profiles
Proxy Support
Cloud Sync
Standalone App
API access
Browser Integration
Fingerprint Protection
Bulk Profile Creation

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Profile Isolation

Standalone App

Browser Integration

Proxy Anonimization

Fingerprint Protection

Proxy Support

Direct Sharing


Cloud Sync

Local Profiles


API Access

Switch profiles in one window

Profile isolation in the same window

With SessionBox One, you get the ability to seamlessly manage multiple profiles in your favorite browser without the clutter. Enjoy the freedom to switch profiles effortlessly, all within a single window.

Unlimited profiles creation

Create groups

Use Workstation

Proxy manager

Stay private & safe

Assign proxies to different profiles

When you use SessionBox One, you can setup different proxies for different profiles. This guarantee to protect your privacy and security online by preventing websites from tracking you and collecting your personal information.

No more geo restriction

Become undetectable

Proxy anonimization

1-1 share possibility

Direct sharing

With SessionBox One you can share a selected profile with people and use them together. This is the best way to share your active sessions with other users without giving them your login credentials.

Quick share

Credentials protection

Controlled access

Secured Sessions

Fingerprint protection

Browser fingerprinting is a technique used by websites to track users by collecting information about their browser configuration and settings. SessionBox One use a full set of fingerprint protection mechanism to protect you being detected.

Browse anonymously

Bypass security of most sites

Unique digital identity

Work with your team

Collaboration with Shared Spaces

Create a team and share profiles with all the members. Protect your credentials and grant accesses depending on your needs.

Managing together

Secure credentials share

Shared proxies

Use Sessionbox on any device

Cloud sync and local profiles

SessionBox One’s cloud synchronization feature allows you to securely synchronize your sessions between your devices by using your SessionBox account. This means that you can start a session on one device and continue it on any other device.

Connect from any device

Unlimited secure sync

Temporary profiles

Local Profiles

Automate all your tasks

Automation & API access

SessionBox One grants you a local api to integrate your existing tools with SessionBox technology. You can either use the popular Selenium framework or integrate with a custom solution.

Streamline your workflow

Proxy support

No more repetitive task

Tailored to your needs

Create multiple profiles easily

Bulk profile creation

With SessionBox One, you can convert every tab in a browser window to different profiles. This is different from other multilogin solutions which require you to open new browser instances for every profile you use.

Works in one window

Easy and fast workflow

Unlimited profile

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Effortlessly import your favorite website preferences and settings, secure your purchases at just the right moment, Tailor your browsing shortcuts for ultimate convenience, keep your credentials safe and accessible, making logins a breeze.

Cookie Import

Cart Timer

Customizable Shortcuts

Password Manager