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Introducing SessionBox One

Viktor Horvath, Aug 23, 2023

In 2015, we released the SessionBox extension for Chrome to help people who would like to use websites with multiple accounts with huge success. In the last eight years, it has gathered more than 300,000 users worldwide in various territories, from marketing to healthcare.

In the last few years, websites have changed the way browser extension technology is not enough to isolate website instances from each other. Furthermore, all multi-login browser extensions will be removed in the upcoming year due to Google upcoming changes with Manifest V3.

When we started to work on our new solution, we had two priorities:

  • Let people continue working in their browsers on what they already know and like. Tons of ordinary competitors operate by opening different instances of web browsers, but we wanted more than that. We wanted a solution that seamlessly integrates into your browser like a browser extension.

  • Provide complete isolation between profiles. In an ordinary browser extension, making a barrier between profiles is impossible, which prevents leaks and advanced detection methods like browser fingerprinting. We wanted a solution that gives you absolute isolation.

After a long period of research and development, we are happy to introduce you to SessionBox One: a future-proof solution that brings the perfect site isolation into your Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser.

What are the benefits of replacing your current extension to SessionBox One?

SessionBox One comes with much better site compatibility than the current multi-login extensions. If a website is not working in your existing extension, install SessionBox One, and it will.

You will migrate to a solution that will exist after Google enables the new policies according to extensions. The current solutions are obsolete and can be removed anytime.

We are going from sessions to profiles.

The current multi-login extensions isolate sessions, which only means cookies and some other storage. Modern websites use much more than that. SessionBox One now separates profiles, which includes everything a website can access, including service workers, browser cache, and script execution runtime.

Now, we support team collaboration.

Years of experience taught us many teams are using SessionBox to work together. One-on-one sharing is not suitable to fit their needs. We are introducing teams. A team can have shared profiles and proxies that any team member can use. No manual sharing is necessary.

Additionally, we are introducing a heavily discounted Teams subscription plan. You can buy multiple seats that can be assigned to your team members as they come and go.

Automation and API access

We got a lot of inquiries about integrating SessionBox technology into an existing workflow or solution. To support this, we are introducing a local API to use SessionBox One however you would like. Please check our tutorials or read our API documentation.

And that's just the start. We will put serious development efforts into SessionBox One because we have many new features and improvements in store. If you are interested in them or have an idea, join us in our discord channel and help us shape the future of SessionBox.

Viktor Horvath, CEO, SessionBox


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